9mobile is here to replace Etisalat in Nigeria

-One of the giant Nigeria Telecom company, ETISALAT NIGERIA, now has a new name.
– Don’t forget it’s now 9mobile Nigeria and not Etisalat Nigeria.
– It would no longer be referred to  Etisalat Nigeria but rather 9mobile Nigeira as ETC (Emirates Telecommunications Corporate) issues 21 days ultimatum to stop using it’s brand name, Etisalat.

Reason for the change of name to 9mobile Nigeria

Following to the recent issues surrounding Etisalat Nigeria for over a month now, the management of the company has finally decided to change it’s brand name to 9moble Nigeria after a meeting held in Lagos.

The name change came after the withdrawal of the Mubadala group, a major Etisalat investors in the United Arab Emirates, as a result of over $1.2billion debt.

Nigeria Management had earlier last week broke the contract between them and ABU Dhabi’s Etisalat management and also gave Nigeria Management three weeks to abolish the brand in Nigeria.

Nigeria Regulators Rescued 9mobile Network

Just last week, Nigerian Telecommunications regulators intervened to rescue Etisalat Nigeria from destruction after they talked to their lenders to re-examine a $1.2billion shareholder loan failed by Etisalat Nigeria.

The United Arab Emirates Etisalat Nigeria have left the company, board and management. Although ABU Dhabi’s Etisalat Group have decided to allow Etisalat Nigeria to continue using it’s brand with full technical support for the next three weeks, after which the change of name from Etisalat Nigeria to 9mobile Nigeria would fully come to reality.

The future of 9mobile Nigeria

Etisalat Nigeria is restructuring the company with a new board of directors appointed by the management to launch a new phase of the company.

9mobile ceo
Olusanya, 9mobile CEO

Although, there is no doubt that these new sets of experts would take the company to a greater hight, but the question still remain; how do they intend to achieve all of this in a short while, considering the intensive competition facing the Nigerian telecoms space.


Etisalat remains Nigeria’s fourth largest mobile company with over 9 years of existence in Nigerian Telecom space.

0809ja is perfectly befitting the new name 9mobile