Bitcoin Investment In Nigeria

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– How to make money with Bitcoin in Nigeria
– Bitcoin Mining In Nigeria
– Crytocurrency Trading In Nigeria
– Do you know that the first Bitcoin Transaction was held in 12/01/2009
– Bitcoin investment in nigeria
Do you know that China’s low-cost electric supply has paved way for it to hegemonize the mining market.
Bitcoin investment in nigeria

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency (also known as crypto-currency) that allows instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. This transaction is created and held electronically.

Bitcoin uses a decentralised technology to operate with no central authority, no one controls bitcoin operations.

Bitcoin investment in nigeria

Bitcoin is been manufactured by its users, and increasingly businesses, using software that solves mathematical problems. consequently, managing transactions and issuing money is carried out intelligently by the network.

The Bitcoin electronic system has been mathematically configured to generate only 21 million Bitcoins in the world and the network is ready to adjust to any inflation.

Bitcoin Mining In Nigeria

Let me start by explaining the meaning of “Bitcoin mining” it’s the process of simply signing bitcoin transactions in the blockchain to get rewarded with transaction fees which are paid directly by Bitcoin users for any transaction they initiate on the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin investment in nigeria
Bitcoin mining machine

Bitcoin mining is a higly competitive niche in the cryptocurrency world. Much is expected from a cryptocurrency miner, ranging from large data facilities with stable electricity supply to a basic knowledge in computing.

It really takes a lot to get involved, especially giving out a large potion of your day; though the chances of getting more bitcoins to your wallet is guaranteed.

Methods of Mining Bitcoin In Nigeria

As at the time of writing this article, Bitcoin mining isn’t possible on a PC any more, this is due to it’s complexity. You would need some hardware called ASICs

You either choose to mine bitcoin in Nigeria using a:

1. Bitcoin Mining Machine (Hardware) In Nigeria

These are specially made hardwares particularly designed for cryptocurrency mining purpose. Although, they’re a bit expensive for the average Nigeria.

You’d need to have a stable power supply if you wants to start bitcoin mining using this method.

You also need to understand that factory parts can occasionally malfunction due to heavy usage, especially the hardware’s fan. The Bitcoin hardware fan can readily overheat and consequently reduce performance or completely stop working.

2. Cloud Bitcoin Mining In Nigeria

Warning: I would advice you carefully watch out for which of the companies you intend entrusting with your hard earned money, cus there are many scammers online ready to make you loose your money.

Let’s go on…

Cloud Bitcoin mining involves paying a mining company to do the job for you. Basically, when you sign up with some of these legit mining companies online to mine bitcoins for you.

These online companies stand on your behalf to maintain the machine, pay for electricity and other necessary operations.

All you do is to pay them money. They will show you the daily statistics of your machine’s performance with complete access to withdraw your funds.

Buying and Selling Bitcoin In Nigeria

This is one of the easiest method of making some cool cash from Bitcoin Business In Nigeria. Personally, this is one of the things I do on the Internet for a living.

You only need some basics things like a laptop or a good smartphone, good capital to kick-start and a good number of social media audience.

Warning: buying and selling of bitcoin is risky when it goes red in your wallet before selling off. You might have to wait for bitcoin to bounce back to the exact rate you bought or more. 

One of the important strategy you should always keep in mind as a good trader is to; always buy cheap and sell higher than you bought.

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More updates on Bitcoin Investment in Nigeria would keep flowing into this blog. Stay tune.

Bitcoin investment in nigeria

Bitcoin investment in nigeria

Bitcoin investment in nigeria

Bitcoin investment in nigeria

Bitcoin investment in nigeria

Bitcoin investment in nigeria

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