Best 9mobile Data Plan: Subscribtion Codes for Andriod, Blackberry, iPhone & Modem In Nigeria 2017

9mobile Data Plan

9mobile data plan is one of the best Internet bundle services presently in Nigeria. Though their smooth internet connection isn’t that cheap, cus it comes with a price. “Everything good comes with a price, some things just cost more than others“.

If you’re a heavy Internet user like me, I will advice you get a good Internet service provider in the likes of 9mobile and others. It would only cost you just a little more, but it’s worth it.

All thanks to the recent review of the distribution of Internet bundle to all Telecom mobile network companies in country by the appropriate body.

Now you can get more user-friendly Internet packages at an affordable price for your every day internet usage.

To all 9mobile subscribers craving for the best out of their Internet data packages, you’re at the right spot. For those looking for 9mobile 1GB data plan for just N500 or something higher.

Scroll down to search for the popular 9mobile best plans, I took my time to select and give a deep review on all the 9mobile data tariff plan I’ve written about below.

Be rest assured I would do everything humanly possible to cover all the 9mobile Intenet service package for your Android, blackberry, tablet, laptop, iPhone and Modem.

Time up!

Let’s begin… I’ll start with the softer ones 😉

9Mobile Daily Data Plan Code

Daily 9mobile data plan packages are for users wanting to surf the Internet for a period of 24hours non-stop.The following bundles will allow you do just that without necessarily spending much.

9mobile 10MB for ₦50.00

This is only valid of 24 hours. You get a complete access to the internet with just ₦50.00 with a data worth of 10MB

To subscribe for this plan kindly dail *229*3*8# or send MI3 to 229

9mobile 40MB for ₦100.00

With ₦100 you get a data bundle worth of 40MB to surf the internet which is equally valid for just 24 hours.

To subscribe for this plan kindly dail *229*3*1# or send MI1 to 229

9mobile Weekly Data Plan Code

The weekly 9mobile data plan goes for the category of subscribers with interest in 7 days kinda stuff! You get a whopping 150MB worth of data to keep you connected for just ₦200.00, cool right?

To subscribe for the 9mobile 150MB for ₦200 simply dail Dial *229*2*10# or send LCD to 229 

9mobile Weekend And Night Plan code

Long before now, no Nigeria mobile network was offering “Night Data Plans” until Airtel Ng started giving their customers 1GB for just ₦100, valid from 12am to 6am.

Next, GLO NG decided to over speed their competitors by offering their users a night plus weekend plan at a very affordable price. It became a tradition in the Mobile Network Industry, so 9mobile started offering same data plan too. Na so de tory dey go (In Nigeria Pidgin English)… lol

Weekend 9mobile Data Plan 1GB for ₦500.00 Dail *5995*2# 

9mobile Night Data Plan 1GB for ₦200 from 12am-5am simply dail *229*3*11# 

9mobile Evening + Weekend Data Plan 2GB for ₦1000 from 7pm to 7am simply dail *229*3*11#

9mobile Evening + Weekend Data Plan 5GB for ₦2000 from 7pm to 7am simply dail *229*3*11#. It also comes along with 100MB for WhatsApp with 30days expiry date

9mobile Monthly Data Plan Code

We are close to the boss. Monthly data bundles are people’s favorite Internet tariff plans, even the lite internet users have space to occupy here.

If you are a lite Internet user this data plan may suit your needs on the web. 9mobile Monthly Data Plan 500MB for ₦500 Dial *229*2*12#. Valid for 30 days.

To get the usual 9mobile Monthly Data Plan 1GB for ₦1,000 Dial *229*2*7#.

I would recommend you top up with just ₦200 addition to make it a total of ₦1,200 you get 1.5GB just Dial *229*2*25#

9mobile Monthly Data Plan 2.5GB for ₦2000 Dial *229*2*8#. 

To get 3.5GB for ₦2,500 Dial *229*2*26#

To get 5GB for ₦3,500 Dial *229*2*9#

To get 11.5GB for ₦8,000 Dial *229*2*5#

Huh? Am sure you’ve noticed the prices for some of the data plans are higher.

One could have a double data bundle with same amount on other mobile networks, but not with a good network like 9mobile. Lemme not mention names before my Village people PM me.

Like I said from the onset, it’s one of the best internet service provider in the country.

9mobile Yearly Data Plan Code

Here comes the boss. The most expensive tariff data bundle perfectly befitting mini companies, SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) and heavy Internet users.

9mobile Annual data plan code 120GB ₦110,000 simply Dail  *229*5*3# or Text 12M to “229”

9mobile  BlackBerry data plan with USSD subscription code

Here comes best 9mobile data bundle to all categories of BlackBerry users. Am going to cover both the ordinary BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10.

9Mobile Non BB 10 Data plan

1.    BB Absolute tariff plan

Monthly Tariff – N1,500 simply dail *449*1#

Weekly Tariff – N550 Simply  Dial *499*6#

Daily Tariff – N100 Simply Dial *449*5#

2.    9mobile BB Complete tariff Plan

Monthly Tariff – N1,000 simply Dial *499*3#

Weekly Tariff – N500 simply Dial *499*3*1#

Daily Tariff – dial *499*3*2#

9mobile BB Data Plan For BB10 Smartphones

1.   9mobile BB 10 Lite plan For Unlimited BBM Sessions

Monthly Tariff – 260MB for N1,000 – simply Dial *599*2#

Weekly Tariff – 70MB for N350 –  dial *599*2*1#

Daily Tariff – 10MB for N70 – Dial *599*2*2# 

2.  9mobile  BB 10 medium data plan

Monthly Tariff – 500MB for N1,500 – simply dial *599*3#

Weekly Tariff – 125MB for #550 – simply Dial *599*3*1#

Daily Tariff – 15MB for #100 – simply dial *599*3*2#

3. 9mobile BB 10 maximum data plan

Monthly Tariff – 1536MB for N3,000 – simply dial *599*4# 

Weekly Tariff – Get 360MB for N1,100 – simply dial *599*8#

Daily Tariff – 50MB for N200 – simply dial *599*7# 


Wow! So you still here? Thanks plenty plenty! Wait, lemme just kukuma give you some extra tips. Have you ever been worried of 9mobile Autos-renewing data plans, what about… I show you

How To Stop permanently Disable 9mobile Auto-renewal. Simply dial *229*0# 

And How To Quickly Check 9mobile Data Balance. Simply dial *228#

This bring us to the end of latest, cheap and best 9mobile data plans with codes in 2017.

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Camon CX Machester City Edition With 4GB Ram; Price & Full Specification

Tecno Mobile company is adhering to her brand essence “Experience More“. A mobile brand that has overtime carved out a good reputation and recognition for itself.

Camon cx Manchester city edition

It’s now official; Tecno Mobile Company has a thing to do with the Tigers of English Premier League, Manchester City. 

A Glance Through The Camon CX Manchester City Edition

This time around, they where more concerned of reaching the medium-class consumers with a premium touch with the released of the latest Camon CX Manchester City Edition. It’s a limited edition.

Checkout this NEW INFINIX X5010 going for just N29,500

Fully metal built with a premium aluminium alloy and nicely designed curves around the edge to give the device a beautiful finishing.

Camon cx Manchester city edition
Unboxing Camon CX MCFC
Camons CX Manchester City Edition Full Device Specification
  • Ram: 4GB
  • Internal Storage: 64GB of ROM
  • External Storage: Expandable to 128GB
  • Processor: octa-core 1.5Ghz
  • OS: HiOS V2.0.0, Android™ 7.0
  • Display: 5.5-inch FHD(1920 x 1080)
  • Rear Camera: 16.0MP Sony IMX298
  • Front Camera: 16.0MP F/2.0 aperture
  • Dimensions: HxWxD 152.8×75.8×5.6m
  • SIM Card: Dual Micro SIM Connector
  • Color: Sky Blue only!
  • Battery: 3200 mAh
  • Fingerprint sensor: Premium Available

Now you can readily multi-task and launch powerful apps simultaneously without any fear of device extreme slow performance

With 16MP High definition Selfie/slim/2.5D, you should be ready to selfie whatever you up to.

Camon cx Manchester city edition

The Camon CX Manchester edition smartphone is a peculiar device that comes with additional features compared to the original CX Camon. Limited edition phones are unique and specially designed for some special individuals.


Availability and Pricing

For now, you can only pre-order the camon cx Manchester city edition with an initial deposit of N5,000 in Nigeria, GHS70 in Ghana KES1,646 in Kenya, from any nearest SLOT SYSTEMS outlets around your locality.

Nigeria Price: N95,500

Kenya Price: KSH3 1,440

Ghana Price: GHC 1,340


  • Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF)
  • Special Customized Manchester City FC’s colour
  • A selfie stick
  • A water bottle
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Well customized Manchester City themes and wallpapers.


Top celebrities in Nigeria like D’banj, Mercy Aigbe and others are already using the phone.

Checkout our Review Table below to see the ratings of Camon Cx Manchester City Edition

Bitcoin Investment In Nigeria

– How to make money with Bitcoin in Nigeria
– Bitcoin Mining In Nigeria
– Crytocurrency Trading In Nigeria
– Do you know that the first Bitcoin Transaction was held in 12/01/2009
– Bitcoin investment in nigeria
Do you know that China’s low-cost electric supply has paved way for it to hegemonize the mining market.
Bitcoin investment in nigeria

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency (also known as crypto-currency) that allows instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. This transaction is created and held electronically.

Bitcoin uses a decentralised technology to operate with no central authority, no one controls bitcoin operations.

Bitcoin investment in nigeria

Bitcoin is been manufactured by its users, and increasingly businesses, using software that solves mathematical problems. consequently, managing transactions and issuing money is carried out intelligently by the network.

The Bitcoin electronic system has been mathematically configured to generate only 21 million Bitcoins in the world and the network is ready to adjust to any inflation.

Bitcoin Mining In Nigeria

Let me start by explaining the meaning of “Bitcoin mining” it’s the process of simply signing bitcoin transactions in the blockchain to get rewarded with transaction fees which are paid directly by Bitcoin users for any transaction they initiate on the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin investment in nigeria
Bitcoin mining machine

Bitcoin mining is a higly competitive niche in the cryptocurrency world. Much is expected from a cryptocurrency miner, ranging from large data facilities with stable electricity supply to a basic knowledge in computing.

It really takes a lot to get involved, especially giving out a large potion of your day; though the chances of getting more bitcoins to your wallet is guaranteed.

Methods of Mining Bitcoin In Nigeria

As at the time of writing this article, Bitcoin mining isn’t possible on a PC any more, this is due to it’s complexity. You would need some hardware called ASICs

You either choose to mine bitcoin in Nigeria using a:

1. Bitcoin Mining Machine (Hardware) In Nigeria

These are specially made hardwares particularly designed for cryptocurrency mining purpose. Although, they’re a bit expensive for the average Nigeria.

You’d need to have a stable power supply if you wants to start bitcoin mining using this method.

You also need to understand that factory parts can occasionally malfunction due to heavy usage, especially the hardware’s fan. The Bitcoin hardware fan can readily overheat and consequently reduce performance or completely stop working.

2. Cloud Bitcoin Mining In Nigeria

Warning: I would advice you carefully watch out for which of the companies you intend entrusting with your hard earned money, cus there are many scammers online ready to make you loose your money.

Let’s go on…

Cloud Bitcoin mining involves paying a mining company to do the job for you. Basically, when you sign up with some of these legit mining companies online to mine bitcoins for you.

These online companies stand on your behalf to maintain the machine, pay for electricity and other necessary operations.

All you do is to pay them money. They will show you the daily statistics of your machine’s performance with complete access to withdraw your funds.

Buying and Selling Bitcoin In Nigeria

This is one of the easiest method of making some cool cash from Bitcoin Business In Nigeria. Personally, this is one of the things I do on the Internet for a living.

You only need some basics things like a laptop or a good smartphone, good capital to kick-start and a good number of social media audience.

Warning: buying and selling of bitcoin is risky when it goes red in your wallet before selling off. You might have to wait for bitcoin to bounce back to the exact rate you bought or more. 

One of the important strategy you should always keep in mind as a good trader is to; always buy cheap and sell higher than you bought.

Make more friends on your social media accounts to enable you get more Audience to reach when making announcements. You can personally contact me on WhatsApp with this number for more details on Bitcoin trading +234 814 6267 313

More updates on Bitcoin Investment in Nigeria would keep flowing into this blog. Stay tune.

Bitcoin investment in nigeria

Bitcoin investment in nigeria

Bitcoin investment in nigeria

Bitcoin investment in nigeria

Bitcoin investment in nigeria

Bitcoin investment in nigeria

Success Story Of Nnamdi Ezeigbo: Founder Of Tecno and Infinix Mobile Phones

Nnamdi Ezeigbo Tecno. People’s desire for a classic-high performing Mobile phone will never fade away, because of the incredible ones coming to the market every single day.

Some people prefer a mobile brand on another phone for no reason, some stick to a brand that can give them everything they want from a good smartphone

Undeniably, Nigeria’s fastest-selling mobile phone brand is INFINIX and TECNO. But, these brands were once considered as “Chinko phone” (Made in China).

Whether you are using Infinix or Tecno Mobile phone, you are from the same Manufacturer, a Nigerian from Abia state (God’s Own State).

Nnamdi Ezeigbo, CEO Techno and Infinix Founder of slot systems limited Owner of techno phones Networth of Nnamdi Ezeigo
Nnamdi Ezeigbo, CEO Techno and Infinix
A Brief History of Nnamdi EzeigboEzeigbo Tecno

Nnamdi Ezeigbo, from Umuahia, Abia state, is the founder and current CEO of Slot Systems Limited. This talented business oriented gentleman is a also the co-founder of the Tecno and Infinix phone brands.o

He was born 4th of August (Legends are born in August), 1966, in Delta state. Went to Pamol primary school, Sapele , for his elementary education. Ezeigo attended Ogini grammar school and Ogharefe, in Delta state.

After a successful SSCE Result he got admitted into one of the prestigious college of Technology in Nigeria, Yaba College of Technology in 1988, where he studied Electrical Electronics Engineering and graduated with a HND certificate in 1995.


Nnamdi Ezeigbo, CEO, Tecno and Infinix, the fastest-selling phone brand in Nigeria. Many people are not even aware of the fact that these popular mobile phone brands originates from the brain of a fellow Nigerian.

First Business Encounter

Nnamdi Ezeigbo flew to China in 2006 for a big business proposal after Nokia Mobile Company rejected his great idea of inventing a Mobile phone with dual sim, so as to enable Africans to always take along with them a single phone with multiple sims; rather than multiple phones with a single sim slot. There he met a man who had worked with a Mobile Phone company called Bird.

Nnamdi Ezeigbo Tecno

He discussed with him and brought the man to Nigeria, and that was a business turning point for Nnamdi Ezeigbo and his other Tecno crew.

They came together and formed the first Tecno mobile phone, T101.

Best Techno phone photos
Tecno Smartphone Phone
The Birth Of Tecno Mobile Phone Brand

The first Tecno Mobile phone, T101, was not accepted by the market due to dual sim issues.

They had to sit again and make intensive corrections which eventually gave birth to Tecno 201, and this time around T201 was a bit accepted by the market.

Tecno Mobile Communication Company kept improving with time, but it was regarded as a mobile phone for the low income people.

Overtime, with better upgrades, offering smartphone features with 3G network for a low price, the middle class income people started embracing Tecno phones after the Economy downfall in 2008. Nnamdi Ezeigbo Tecno

It means, with just N15,000, you could buy a Smartphone with 3G network.

Latest Infinix phones, infinix phones
Infinix Hot S

Students who could not afford to buy expensive phones like Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericson, in the range of N50,000 to N100,000 could buy one for N15,000 and still enjoy most features of a Smartphone like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and so on…

Nnamdi Ezeigo Life In A Glance

Today, Nnamdi Ezeigbo story is indeed a success story in Nigeria and Africa at large.

From a local gadgets repair man, he has built a multi-million dollar company and one of the most recognizable brand in Africa. He is popularly call Nnamdi Ezeigbo Tecno

Newly Released Infinix Smart X5010 full specification & Price 2017

Infinix Smart X5010 is here to make the low-budget class have a taste of a good Smartphone

Full specification of the newly released Infinix X5010 and all you need to know

infinix smart x510
Nice shape of infinix smart x5010 2017
Introducing Infinix Smart X5010

Infinix Mobility has finally decided to add up to the “SMART” series with the release of a new smartphone, though it’s specifically targeted to customers who are not willing or able to spend large amounts of money in getting a smartphone with most necessary specifications that a smartphone should contain.

Smart X5010 is the first Infinix addition to the “smart” series.  It comes with a 5.0 HD screen, 1GB of Ram, 16GB internal storage, Nougat 7.0 + XOS 2.2 and 3060mAh battery.

At the time of writing this review, the infinix Smart X5010 is available in Nigeria and Kenya market at a price of N23,000 and 9,915.41 Kenyan shillings  respectively. Let’s take a deep look at the new infinix X5010 and its specifications

  1. Infinix Smart X5010 Released Date: 10th July 2017
  2. SIM Type: Dual Micro SIM Card
  3. 3G Network Availability : HSDPA 850 / 900 / 2100 / 1800 / 1900
  4. 4G Network Availability: Not Available
  5. Infinix Smart X5010 OS: Android 7.0 Nougat +  XOS 2.2
  6. Display and Resolution: 5.0″ HD , 720 x 1280 Pixels
  7. Dimensions : 144.9 x 71.9 x 8.35mm
  8. Weight : 145g
  9. Infinix Smart X5010 current available Colours: Champagne Gold , Bordeaux Red , Mysterious blue , Black , Apple green
  10. Graphics Processor : Mali-T720 MP3 450 MHz
  11. Phone RAM: 1GB
  12. Internal Storage: 16GB expandable to  32GB
  13. External Storage: External SD Card  up to 32GB
  14. Rear Camera :  8 megapixels, auto focus , dual LED flash
  15. Front Camera : 2 megapixels with LED flash
  16. Bluetooth: v4.0
  17. WiFi: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot
  18. Sensors: G-sensor , Light Sensor , Proximity Sensor.
  19. Battery Life: 3060mAh with 250Hrs standby time

The Package comes with :

  1. 1 Phone
  2. 1 Power Adapter (Charger)
  3. 1 USB-Cable
  4. 1 User Guide
  5. 1 Earphone
Pros of Infinix Smart X5010

The Smart X5010 has an elegant design to target the young class with a removable cover.

It comes with a 5.0 inch HD display and a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 Pixels.

It weighs 145g and it’s obtainable in some nice colours.


infinix smart x510
Infinix X5010 2017


Cons of Infinix Smart X5010

Although, the new infinix X5010 shouldn’t be considered for a good camera phone, especially for the class of people looking for a good selfie phones. It has a 8MP rear camera and 2MP camera for selfies, which is really poor, but not bad for such a low price N30,000 in Nigeria and 9,915.41 Kenyan shillings in Kenya.

In summary…

Infinix Mobility is a reliable mobile company with so many reputable phones out there in the market, expect the newly released infinix Smart X5010 to be a better option for the low-end market.

9mobile is here to replace Etisalat in Nigeria

-One of the giant Nigeria Telecom company, ETISALAT NIGERIA, now has a new name.
– Don’t forget it’s now 9mobile Nigeria and not Etisalat Nigeria.
– It would no longer be referred to  Etisalat Nigeria but rather 9mobile Nigeira as ETC (Emirates Telecommunications Corporate) issues 21 days ultimatum to stop using it’s brand name, Etisalat.

Reason for the change of name to 9mobile Nigeria

Following to the recent issues surrounding Etisalat Nigeria for over a month now, the management of the company has finally decided to change it’s brand name to 9moble Nigeria after a meeting held in Lagos.

The name change came after the withdrawal of the Mubadala group, a major Etisalat investors in the United Arab Emirates, as a result of over $1.2billion debt.

Nigeria Management had earlier last week broke the contract between them and ABU Dhabi’s Etisalat management and also gave Nigeria Management three weeks to abolish the brand in Nigeria.

Nigeria Regulators Rescued 9mobile Network

Just last week, Nigerian Telecommunications regulators intervened to rescue Etisalat Nigeria from destruction after they talked to their lenders to re-examine a $1.2billion shareholder loan failed by Etisalat Nigeria.

The United Arab Emirates Etisalat Nigeria have left the company, board and management. Although ABU Dhabi’s Etisalat Group have decided to allow Etisalat Nigeria to continue using it’s brand with full technical support for the next three weeks, after which the change of name from Etisalat Nigeria to 9mobile Nigeria would fully come to reality.

The future of 9mobile Nigeria

Etisalat Nigeria is restructuring the company with a new board of directors appointed by the management to launch a new phase of the company.

9mobile ceo
Olusanya, 9mobile CEO

Although, there is no doubt that these new sets of experts would take the company to a greater hight, but the question still remain; how do they intend to achieve all of this in a short while, considering the intensive competition facing the Nigerian telecoms space.


Etisalat remains Nigeria’s fourth largest mobile company with over 9 years of existence in Nigerian Telecom space.

0809ja is perfectly befitting the new name 9mobile